Why join the Leader Foundry?

If you’re running/leading/managing an agency or consultancy you’ll know it’s hard work and there are a lot of decisions you need to make across a lot of topics.
The Leader Foundry gives you access to a group of people doing the same job as you – the opportunity to share the journey, learn from each other and share your successes.
Importantly it’s a group of leaders running a business in the £0.5-£5m turnover segment so you’re sharing a very similar stage of the journey.

Join the Leader Foundry because you want to:

Meet & share

We meet regularly with a simple agenda:

  • bring a challenge you want help with
  • bring a success that you want to share
  • bring tools, tips and encouragement

We focus on relaxed discussion and finding out more about each others businesses.

We’re happy to invite speakers or participants around a specific topic of interest to the group.

Tackle challenges

We raise challenges in two ways:

  • asking for input ahead of our meetings and prioritising a specific and shared challenge
  • encouraging members to table challenges as we meet and discuss

With a great mix of members you can know that someone else has been through a similar challenge and has advice, or can recommend other sources of advice.

Celebrate success

We love to celebrate good news from around the group:

  • sometimes you can’t share success easily elsewhere because of people or commercial sensitivities
  • it helps the group recognise best practice and learn from each other

And it’s really about balancing the agenda otherwise we can all focus too easily on what’s hard.