Growing a business and looking for similar people to share & learn together? The Leader Foundry is a peer group for business leaders.

The Leader Foundry is a small but perfectly formed group of consultancy and agency leaders, typically from £0.5m to £5m in revenue.

Members include

Our focus

Sharing the experience

It’s not easy leading a small business, but sharing the experience makes a difference. Knowing that other leaders are going through the same ups and downs helps you keep focused on your overall success.

Discussing challenges

We all run into things that are hard to solve; growing the business, taking care of your people, choosing the right tools. Asking, discussing and learning from others on the same path really helps.

Celebrating what works

Sometimes it’s not easy to celebrate successes; some things can’t easily be shared with the team. We like to talk about the positives and where you’ve found a best practice.

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If you think you’re a good fit – apply to join us

We’re a little choosy about who joins The Leader Foundry. The community works best when it’s made up of leaders that share similar businesses and are facing similar challenges.


Who better to help me than a bunch of like-minded leaders who’ve run similar companies to mine?

– Adrian @Mezzo Labs

The pilot sessions I attended in 2021 were excellent. A shared forum for smart people sharing great ideas and shared challenges. Can’t wait for more sessions.

– Kevin @Grow Consultancy